Dec 032010

From the Daily Self Portraits, comes this project. Each of the first 121 images is sampled from a specific region and 81 samples are taken to fill in each spot of a 9×9 grid. The images range from the beginning of the time when Elyse went into the Peace Corps until just a couple weeks ago. While I may remember a day vaguely, the specifics of that day are sometimes lost. I feel this piece conveys that sentiment, a condensation of time, a blurring of specifics, a change in temperament and a calendar of sorts.

Dynamic Self Portrait from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

Oct 262010
My Head, the Prince's Body

My Head, the Prince's Body

In the digital age, the persona we project is often a construction of traits comprising how we wish to be perceived. We change our facebook profile pictures regularly, use nicknames for email addresses and forum names and tailor in-game characters to our preference. Also, when we first become self-aware, we may absorb character traits from other people, characters in books, film or television and the social constructs in which we grow as a means of defining our characters. As a byproduct of this assimilation of traits, we may exhibit abstract pieces of these characters at different times as the situation fits.

Oct 042010

I created this series of self-portraits by working from a ghost image from the previous plate of a mono-type print plate. ┬áThe information already present affects the outcome of the next in the series. ┬áThis notion of process-driven creation and cumulative work is a theme in my work. Also, the visceral contact with the gel medium–which I pushed around with everything from a piece of cardboard, to the hard end of a paintbrush to my own fingers–is something I seek to embody in my work.