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Children of the Machine

Children of the Machine

This piece commits to computer perception of human faces. By masking out areas of the scene which do not contain faces, and by disregarding completely any images which have no face, the computer arrives at a castrated understanding of “Les Enfants du Paradis.” However, what is captured remains poignant as while each face is disembodied, the face retains its expressive character, allowing us to engage with the image in a genuine way.

Dynamic Self-Portrait

From the Daily Self Portraits, comes this project. Each of the first 121 images is sampled from a specific region and 81 samples are taken to fill in each spot of a 9×9 grid. The images range from the beginning of the time when Elyse went into the Peace Corps until just a couple weeks ago. While I may remember a day vaguely, the specifics of that day are sometimes lost. I feel this piece conveys that sentiment, a condensation of time, a blurring of specifics, a change in temperament and a calendar of sorts.

Dynamic Self Portrait from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.