Aug 252011
Sequence 01.Still001

500percentDrawingIDRC from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.


  1. Only one person draws at a time.
  2. Everyone draws in the order they stood in line.
  3. Each person gets one minute to draw before they must leave the line.
  4. The drawing is finished when the drawers have reached a consensus that it is done…
  5. OR only one drawer remains

Also from Identity Reconnected.

Feb 082011

Breath from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

Breath illustrates the relationship between how we choose to portray our selves and the necessary actions required in order to activate those identifiers.

The motion of the fan acts as the breath, giving life to the masks of identity spread before it.

An Arduino board controls the fan, turning it on for four seconds, off for four seconds, on again, etc.

Participants are invited to interchange the flags, make new ones and arrange them how they see fit.