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Collaborative Drawing: ID Reconnected


  1. Only one person draws at a time.
  2. Everyone draws in the order they stood in line.
  3. Each person gets one minute to draw before they must leave the line.
  4. The drawing is finished when the drawers have reached a consensus that it is done…
  5. OR only one drawer remains

Also from Identity Reconnected.

500percentDrawingIDRC from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

Bottle Cap Sand Box

BottleCapSandbox01 from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

BottleCapSandBox02 from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

BottleCapSandbox03 from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

In developing this piece, I had been thinking a lot about systems, preconditions, emergence and free will. I was interested in how people interacting with a sandbox filled with bottle caps could develop unique structures. There are relatively few ways to stack bottle caps, and yet, when presented with an open field, everyone was able to make something which stood out. More importantly, I believe this piece encouraged engagement and community, sparked communication and made a positive impact on the show. Hopefully the under-agers didn’t pick up any bad ideas…