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Collaborative Drawing: ID Reconnected


  1. Only one person draws at a time.
  2. Everyone draws in the order they stood in line.
  3. Each person gets one minute to draw before they must leave the line.
  4. The drawing is finished when the drawers have reached a consensus that it is done…
  5. OR only one drawer remains

Also from Identity Reconnected.

500percentDrawingIDRC from Philippe Moore on Vimeo.

Collaborative Drawing/Video/Code

My friend Chris Smith over at geebart and I have been collaborating on these video/drawing/code projects. ┬áThe final project is a grid of videos consisting of the original recording–of which the 9x speed versions are listed below–and a 3x, 9x and combination frame showing all videos overlapped. ┬áThis allows for the viewer to see the process at multiple stages and witness the genesis of certain forms over time.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Take turns, each person drawing for exactly 1 minute
  2. Modify the drawing however you please
  3. Work only stops once everyone feels it is complete (or the battery runs out on the camera…)