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Black and Blue: Transposed Walk #01

Welcome to the Black and Blue Trail.

This trail uses the GPS coordinates for the Black Bear trail at Golden Gate Canyon State Park and overlays them over Denver’s Capitol Hill, Downtown, and other neighborhoods. Scattered along the trail are 13 points of audio. Each of these audio points corresponds to the location it was taken on the Black Bear trail.

The map above indicates the path to be taken in order to experience this walk. The path starts between 13th and 14th Avenues on Pearl Street in Denver, CO. Each of the dark blue dots indicates the location of the audio associated with that space.  Following the path as closely as possible provides the experience of a dérive and grants a new experience of the city.

Children of the Machine

Children of the Machine

This piece commits to computer perception of human faces. By masking out areas of the scene which do not contain faces, and by disregarding completely any images which have no face, the computer arrives at a castrated understanding of “Les Enfants du Paradis.” However, what is captured remains poignant as while each face is disembodied, the face retains its expressive character, allowing us to engage with the image in a genuine way.


This project explores scale through transcoding of sound and images of an environment through various stages of technology. Each of the _cubes_ contains a speaker which is playing audio from the environment. A 3d printed abstract representation of that environment is incorporated on the top of the _cube_. The exact moment the image was taken is coincidental with the time span during which the audio was taken. Each _cube_ represents a moment in time represented through layers of technological transmediation.

Project Hope

The final version of the Project Hope logo. Cleaned up the wheat, and tightened up the font. Overall I’m very pleased with the way this design ended up.

They asked me to incorporate “Macomb” into the design somewhere, hope it didn’t obstruct the design.

I was asked to create a logo for Project HOPE (Help Our People Eat) an organization out of Macomb, Illinois which seeks to provide meals once a month for the nutritionally impaired.  About seven churches throughout Macomb participate in the program, which is currently hosted out of Cafe Aroma.  While not wanting to be over-bearing with their faith, they asked that some symbol of the faith-based initiative that is Project HOPE.  We arrived at the Dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  To maintain the idea of food and community, I have included the wheat stalks.