This is the final version, as shown at the College of the Fine Arts’ 40th Anniversary Gala on October 16th. All data was gathered by interviewers as attendees arrived at the event. Each individual who volunteered data contributed to the creation of this piece, it is unique to the data gathered at the gala. The longer ago an individual graduated from ISU, the brighter their corresponding circle; the farther they had to travel to arrive, the larger their circle. When each circle touches another, a spark of color is created, symbolizing the variety of human interaction.

Download instructions

  • Click GalaSmallerOther
  • Locate the folder which corresponds to your operating system (linux, mac osx or windows)
  • Extract that folder to any folder on your computer
  • Double-click the .jar file for full-screen!
  • ‘Esc’ or click the ‘Stop’ button to exit.
  • Enjoy!

Thanks to Cody Sherman for getting me started with the online forms and everyone else in my Performance Arts Studio class for their input and suggestions, as well as Aaron Paolucci and Jason Tucholke for their guidance as teachers.

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